Practice 7s And Stripes and Play for Real Money

7s And Stripes by RealTime Gaming provides the player with an opportunity to try one of the most exciting slot games out there. Created based on a retro theme, the three reels, one payline slot machine takes a unique perspective to online gaming. It is an old-school kind of slot that promises immense fun playing it. Keep reading this 7s And Stripes slot review to learn more.

Graphics and Sound

7s And Stripes has an old-school approach regarding slots design and incorporates graphics aimed at achieving just that. Playing this game feels as if you are in a land-based casino. It has an American vibe characterized by white, red, and blue colors. As far as sound is concerned, the background soundtrack keeps you hooked, thanks to its captivating rhythm. That makes 7s And Stripes slots a game worth every second spent on it.

7s And Stripes Mechanics

7s And Stripes are not like your regular slot game, meaning it does not have a wild symbol, scatter symbol, progressive jackpot, nor bonus feature. That can leave most players confused and wondering how they would even get fun from it. Well, before you quickly jump to conclusions, 7s And Stripes are more interesting than it sounds.

7s And Stripes for real money have ten different payout combinations that would motivate you to start gaming it any second. As you remain attached to its theme of patriotism and place your order of red, white, and blue from any location, you will be left with a smile on your face.

A player who gets any three bars puts themselves up for 12 interesting credits.

Suppose you receive these in the right order of red, white, and blue, the credits multiple to 600! The same can be said for sevens. Receiving any combination of the sevens is sure to win you 60 credits. However, a combo of the order red, white, and blue triggers the jackpot!

7s And Stripes Rules

When you want to play 7s And Stripes online slot for free, you will choose the demo option. The free gameplay allows you an opportunity to experiment with what the game has to offer without putting your money at stake. However, the real fun lies in placing your first bet.

The moment you place a bet, you immediately realize that this not like any other slot game you have played before. While playing 7s And Stripes at Slots Empire Casino, you do not get to see any wild, scatter, or free spins. Instead, the player hits the spin button and sits back to enjoy an old-school slot machine.


7s And Stripes have a low volatility rating. That means you can play more games with a small bankroll. It is a great choice for those bent towards spending a lot of money on it.


Where can I play 7s And Stripes?

You can play 7s And Stripes at Slots Empire Casino. Since this casino is online-based, all that you have to do is access it via your mobile device, and you are good to go. Players can choose to download the casino software on their PC or just click on the main website.

Can I earn real money playing 7s And Stripes?

Yes, players stand a chance to get intriguing payouts based on the combinations made. Whereas you can play 7s And Stripes online slot for free, the truest fun lies in placing a bet, getting the required combinations, and taking home your first win.

What is the scatter and wild symbol in 7s And Stripes?

7s And Stripes have neither the scatter nor the wild. Instead, this old-school slot game takes a unique approach to its overall design to make it fun and exciting.


When looking for a slot machine to play that gives you a touch of the good old days, 7s And Stripes is the right choice to make. It goes against all odds of the absence of a wild and a scatter to create an exciting game worth your time. When you strike the right combination, you would be smiling at the bank.

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