Practice Face Up 21 and Play for Real Money

Face Up 21 by Realtime Gaming is a blackjack variant game that comes close to resembling the standard blackjack. Without a doubt, the game is changing the rulebook even as it maintains some of the same features that you may have become used to in blackjack. Also called Dealer Disclosure or Double Exposure, the game requires that both the player’s and dealer’s cards be dealt face-up. That explains the game’s name. There is more to this game than what meets the eye. Keep reading this Face Up 21 review to learn more.

Face Up 21 Rules – Learn How to Play

Before you can get deeper into any given game, it is paramount that you first master its rules. As far as Face Up 21 blackjack is concerned, its rules are quite simple to follow:

  • Cards dealt with the player, and the dealer must face up.
  • The game has a fixed payout of one to one as opposed to the typical three to two.
  • If you are offered winning insurance, the player who earns it gets a payout in the ratio of two to one odds.
  • Whenever there is a tie, the dealer is declared the winner. However, this rule changes in situations of a two-card natural blackjack.
  • The player is only allowed to double down on the hand of nine, 10, or 11.

When you choose to play Face Up 21, you will have selected one of the best games to play for fun available in the gaming world. Since the game is geared towards giving you a standard casino experience, it does not have any side bets.

As an enthusiastic fan, you have the leeway to play Face Up 21 for free using the demo option. In this case, you will not be required to make any deposit to explore the various features available. As much as the demo option tends to give you an experience with the game, it can be less thrilling, prompting you to place a bet.

Betting in the game is made simple, and you can seamlessly add wagers after gameplay comes to an end. For those who love betting with the same amount, you can click on the “Re-bet” button to set the betting size used in the just-concluded game. If you make a mistake while setting the bet, click on the chips you used to clear the set wager.

As you play Face Up 21 at Slots Empire Casino, it is understandable that some players may have a hard time grasping the game’s rules. That is why there is a “Rules” link on the screen that you can follow to learn more about the game and review the rules.

You have several playing options, which you will choose as you see fit. You can perform any of the following:

  • Stand – Complete your turn and let the dealer reveal and find out who amongst you has won. The cards that you choose when you stand comprise your overall score.
  • Hit – Draw an additional card that is dealt face up. Face Up 21 to stand or hit again after the initial hit operation, provided you do not have a burst (over 21).
  • Double down – Add another bet equivalent to the original bet to be dealt with an additional card. The card is dealt face down.
  • Split – Split your dealt pair card to get two different hands. That means you will have to make another bet that is equal to the original bet.

Card Values/Scoring

The value of the cards is equivalent to their numerical values. The minimum bet amount for this game is set to $1 and a maximum of $250.

Odds & Payouts

  • If you get the winning insurance, you will receive payout odds of 2:1
  • The usual payout odd is 3:2
  • The blackjack payout is set as 1:1

How Face Up 21 Is Different from Other Blackjack Games

Before you can look into the differences, you may want to consider the similarities to better appreciate this game. For a start, the Face Up 21 game has the same objective as blackjack, which is to get the closest to 21 than the dealer. However, you should not exceed.

The main difference between Face Up 21 and other blackjack games lies in how the cards are dealt. All cards are dealt face up, which is not the case with the other games.

Since the dealer’s and player’s cards are exposed, no one will be playing blind to each other’s cards. Similarly, you will not struggle to guess what the next card would be. That makes it 100% a game of chance with neither the dealer nor the player influencing the outcome. However, you may feel that most of the rules are lenient towards the dealer.

Face Up 21 Strategy and House Edge – Learn How to Win

As you play Face Up 21 online for real money, you may want to also look into its house edge. The game has a higher house edge than the standard blackjack, while its payout for the blackjack is considerably lower. When you adopt the basic strategy, the house edge is set to around 0.85%. It is worth noting that the house edge changes as per the casino at which you are playing.

There are numerous Face Up 21 charts that seek to guide what to do as per the strategy. Generally, you may want to use this strategy and any other that you will find suitable and working out for your gameplay:

  • Always hit when you have a hand total of 8 or less
  • Stand when you have a hand total of 12
  • Double down with a hand total of 9
  • Always split with a pair of eights


Where can I play Face Up 21?

You can play Face Up 21 at Slots Empire Casino, which fits on any screen size. The game is good to go and may not need you to change any setting.

Can I play Face Up 21 for free?

Face Up 21 is available for free gaming when you choose the demo mode. However, free play is not as thrilling as placing a real money wager.

Can I play Face Up 21 for real money?

You get a chance to play Face Up 21 online for real money when you place a bet. Check out the table’s minimum and maximum bet amount to guide in wagering.

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