Practice Match Play 21 and Play for Real Money

If you are looking for an interesting blackjack variation, you may find it necessary to go through this Match Play 21 review. Provided by Realtime Gaming, the card game has gained a tremendous following amongst players worldwide. It builds upon a common trend among gaming companies, including incorporating bonus payouts and jackpots to attract more players. Keep reading this review to learn more about the game setting.

Match Play 21 Rules – Learn How to Play

The gameplay for Match Play 21 closely resembles that of Spanish 21 as opposed to standard blackjack. To play Match Play 21 online for real money, you will need to first place a bet. Betting grants you an opportunity to play a thrilling game and possibly win various rewards, including withdrawable cash.

However, that does not mean wagering is the only way to experience the game. You can still enjoy taking the demo option, which allows you to play Match Play 21 for free. The essence of gaming freely is mainly for fun and to learn more about the card game. However, you’d have to wager to win real money from your gameplays.

Your total bet amount placed must meet the table minimum, which averages $5. You can also have a table minimum of $1.

Having taken care of the betting requirements, you will need to know about the other rules of playing the game. The player and the dealer play against each other using six to eight decks that do not have ten-value cards. All the player’s cards are dealt face up. The dealer is dealt with one card face up, and the other remains hidden.

Your goal is to get a 21 or something closest to that before the game ends during the gameplay. You should not go over 21, or else you will lose outrightly. Winning this game only requires you to beat the dealer’s total. The dealer has to hit a soft of 17.

The game immediately ends if the dealer scores a blackjack and the player loses. You have a couple of options that you need to decide upon receiving your cards:

  • Take a stand on your hand
  • Hit your hand
  • Surrender your hand and get back half of your original bet amount
  • Split a pair and possibly perform an additional split operation
  • Split the dealt pair of Aces, in which case each Ace gets an additional card
  • Double-down available two-card total

Since this is a primarily online game, you may find it necessary to learn about how it is dealt. To begin with, the cards undergo shuffling after every hand of play. When playing Match Play 21 at Slots Empire Casino, you may have the opportunity for a multi-player table. Even in this case, the players do not compete against each other. Instead, you all game head-to-head against the dealer.

Card Values/Scoring

Match Play 21 game includes Aces and other face cards. The cumulative result of this is a reduction in the number of decks used in the game. The game is often played with six decks. You may also have some places playing with as few as two and others as much as eight.

Odds & Payouts

Match Play 21 has a rewards structure that changes as per the winning hands. Below is a look at the specific hands to watch out for and their respective payout odds:

  • 7-7-7 Suited with the dealer’s upcard being 7 payout odds is 40:1
  • 6-7-8 Suited has payout odds of 2:1
  • Any 6-7-8 payout odds stand at 3:2
  • 7-7-7 Spades has payout odds of 3:1
  • Any 7-7-7 has payout odds of 3:2
  • 21 with six cards has payout odds of 2:1
  • 21 with five cards has payout odds of 3:2

It is worth noting that these payouts often vary from one casino to another. That is why you may find it viable to play Match Play 21 game at Slots Empire Casino.

How Match Play 21 Is Different from Other Blackjack Games

The biggest difference between Match Play 21 and other blackjack games is that it is played with the ten cards removed from the deck. The game only uses eight decks of cards. However, the Aces and the other face cards that you may be used to are included.

Some two additional differences include:

  • The player can split more than once.
  • The dealer has the option to hit or stand on soft 17. In most cases, the dealers choose to stand.

Match Play 21 Strategy and House Edge – Learn How to Win

For starters, this is a game of chance. That means neither you nor the casino can influence who becomes the ultimate winner. For that reason, you can play with the confidence of knowing that no one is manipulating the game.

The player wins by hitting 21 or close to 21 without going over. You will need to follow a basic gaming strategy that can help you have a higher chance of winning.

You can follow the basic gaming strategy, in which case you can perform any of the following actions as per the status of your game:

  • Stand – End your turn so that the dealer can reveal.
  • Hit – Draw an additional card that would be dealt face up.
  • Double down – Make an extra bet that is equivalent to your original bet.
  • Split – Split the cards when dealt with a pair to make two separate cards.
  • Surrender – Forfeit your hand and half the bet amount.

For players with the basic gaming strategy and the fixed rules, the typical house edge for Match Play 21 Strategy blackjack is about 0.5%. However, the house edge changes based on how well you execute your gaming strategy. Playing without a strategy can increase it up to 2%.


How does Match Play 21 resemble standard blackjack?

Match Play 21 is similar to standard blackjack in that you can perform normal commands like doubling down, asking for insurance, and splitting cards. These are operations created for the traditional blackjack, but they work well with Match Play 21.

Is Match Play 21 a simple game to play?

Match Play 21 blackjack may sound like a simple game on the surface, but it has much more than what happens in other blackjack games. Try it out for a personal experience and better assessment.

How many times can I split in Match Play 21?

Match Play 21 by Realtime Gaming allows its players to split up to two times. This flexibility anchors well with most player’s interests because it also seamlessly fits on any screen size.

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