Practice Pulsar Slot and Play for Real Money

Pulsar by RealTime Gaming is a five-reel, 20 fixed payline slot game-making airwaves in recent times. The slot machine has gained enormous popularity mainly because of its overall structure and adventurous galactic theme. It features stars and subsequent planets that revolve around them to create a storyline that fascinates most online players. When you want a game to play for fun that also lets you win real money, this is the ideal choice. Keep reading this Pulsar slot review to learn more and start gaming like a pro.

Graphics and Sound

If you are looking for a slot game that will give you a graphical view of the galaxy supported by a background image that slowly swirls around, look no further. Pulsar slots graphics are well-built to achieve a near-perfect representation of the galaxy. The player gets to interact with planets, along with respective stars, for an adventurous experience. Do not forget the colors either since they help both small and big planets to stand out.

When it comes to audio, the game creators have done good work in ensuring the player does not suffer from intrusive sound effects. If you are not getting entertained by the intriguing symbols incorporated in the game, you are sure to find lots of fun from the background sounds.

Pulsar Mechanics

As you might imagine, a game of this kind takes a different approach from other slot machines to meet its mandate. It does not include features such as scatter, wild, and free spins. Additionally, playing Pulsar at Slots Empire Casino introduces you to a different layout, the honeycomb-style setup. Keep in mind that with this style, you still have the paylines. Only the design changes and does not impact its mechanics.

Whenever a combination forms, the player gets a cascading win that takes away the symbols involved so that others can come into play to create additional wins. This feature can be found in some other game types but often leads to the same results.

Pulsar may not have wilds and scatters, but it makes up for this by granting you access to Neutron Stars. You have various types of these symbols, such as Red, Blue, Pink, and Green stars, but they all serve the same purpose. During a gaming session, they appear in a random location and explode in a particular direction. Each star has a reverse countdown, and as soon as its number lowers to 0, it will explode and destroy the nearest planets and stars, and you will get your rewards.

Pulsar Rules

Before you can think of playing Pulsar for real money, it is always good to start with the demo account to understand the game. Please keep in mind that this is not a typical slot machine as it leaves out symbols that you may have already gotten used to by now.

With that taken care of, you can proceed to place your first bet and start gaming. Aim at hitting the Neutron Stars feature and earn random symbols. This exciting feature can be a source of numerous winnings that take your gaming experience to the next level.


As you play Pulsar online slot for free using the demo option, do not be afraid to place a wager because this is a low volatility game. You have the option of adjusting your bet from $0.20 up to $20 per turn. Additionally, it has an RTP rating of 96%.


What spinning mechanism does Pulsar use?

Pulsar is designed to use the cascading reels spinning mechanic, in which case symbols disappear after a winning combination so that others can form.

Can I win real money with Pulsar?

You can play Pulsar for real money by placing a bet. Please keep in mind that even though the demo option allows you to play without wagering, you get the best experience when a stake is involved.

What is the biggest possible win in Pulsar?

Pulsar offers a winning range in which the player can potentially earn 5x to 150x. Whereas this may seem quite low for some high rollers, the Neutron Stars feature can go a long way in improving your payouts.


Congratulations on reading this Pulsar slot review to the end. You now understand this game's unique features and approach to slot machines. Please proceed with your first game today on a preferred mobile device.

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