Practice Super 21 and Play for Real Money

Super 21 by RealTime Gaming is a popular variation of blackjack that you can play at Slots Empire Online Casino. However, it slightly differs from the classic blackjack. This game is exciting and fun to play. That’s why some people call it Super Fun 21 Blackjack. Nevertheless, a player should follow most classic blackjack rules when playing this variant. Although it sticks to the basic gameplay, Super 21 is a blackjack offshoot that comes with player-friendly rules. What’s more, it adds bonuses to the traditional blackjack. Additionally, a gamer has several ways to form a winning hand when playing this game. This Super 21 review highlights some of the things you might want to know before playing this game at an online casino.

Rules - Learn How to Play Super 21

Super 21 is a variation of one-deck blackjack. That means a gamer plays this game in a single-hand mode. People play this game with 8 standard decks with 52 cards. A player has several options to review when compared to the standard blackjack variants. The machine reshuffles the eight decks after every hand. Playing this game feels like gaming on a machine that allows continuous shuffle at a land-based casino.

A player wins automatically on the blackjack, even when the dealer is dealt one. The natural blackjacks reward the player even money, apart from the suited diamonds that pay 2-1. The machine allows the gamer a double-down on any cards’ number. If a player doesn’t like a card after drawing it on the double-down, they can surrender their double-down amount and then fold their hand. This blackjack game allows a player to surrender at any time.

What’s more, this game allows for splitting up all pairs into four hands. After splitting, the game allows a double-down, even on the aces. A player can also hit split aces. In most blackjack variants, a player is allowed one card only on split aces.

This game comes with a six-card Charlie. That means a player wins if they hit six cards without busting. Making a five or even more card 21 wins the player twice their bet amount. The dealer has to hit the soft 17 in the Super 21 game, which increases the player’s winning chances.

A player is also allowed to place their insurance bet if the first card up for the dealer is an Ace. The insurance rewards the player 2:1 in such a case.

Card Values/Scoring

In Super 21, every numbered card is worth its face value. Jack, King, and Queen Cards are worth 10, while aces are worth 11 or 1. That means a player can form 21 with two cards only, an Ace and a ten-card. That’s the strongest hand a player can make, and it’s known as blackjack.

During the first round, a player bets on hand positions they would like to play. A gamer can play from 1-5 hands in a single round. On placing the bet, the gamer clicks the “Deal” button to get their first face-up cards to their hand positions. Also, the dealer gets a face-down and a face-up card.

Super 21 gives the gamer three options for hands. These are “Stand”, “Hit”, and “Double”. On choosing “Hit”, a player is dealt another card. And a player can “Hit” again if they don’t go bust. Choosing “Stand” means the hand remains as it is, meaning the gamer can play and move one. A gamer can also select “Double” if they feel another card can enable them to beat the game’s dealer. Thus, their hand will get another hand and then move on to the dealer or the next hand.

Odds & Payouts

When playing Super 21 online for real money or fun, the minimum bet is $1.00 and a maximum - $250.

If lucky when playing Super 21, you can be dealt a card whose value is 10 and an ace. That means your cards’ total value will be 21. In that case, you get an automatic win. And being dealt that hand in this game means you get a bet payout at 1:1 odds. In addition to Stand and Hit options, a gamer can select other steps that lead closer to a 21 without exceeding it.

Diamonds blackjack pays 2:1, a 5-card 21 will pay 2:1, a 6-card 21 will pay 2:1, and 6 cards get a player an instant win.

How Super 21 Is Different from Other Blackjack Games

As hinted, Super 21 uses almost the same rules as classic blackjack. However, it is slightly different from the other blackjack games. For instance, a gamer can double their bet when playing this game regardless of their cards’ quantity. For instance, if a gamer gets 3-2, plus they take 2 extra cards and keep receiving 3, they can double their bet on their fourth card. That way, the player will get 11 points.

What’s more, Super 21 blackjack allows a player to surrender before busting. And a gamer can go for this option at any point. However, the game will halve the wager between the house and the player.

Additionally, this card allows the player to win with 6 cards. You also win if you get 21 points with at least 5 cards whose total is 21.

Super 21 Strategy and House Edge

Whether you opt to play the demo or the real money version of this game, you need a winning strategy. And you should implement your strategy from the moment this game loads onto your computer or smartphone’s screen. It is as follows:

  • Stand: Stand only when satisfied with the point total and don’t want more cards.
  • Hit: Hit if ready to draw another card and still have a chance to take an extra card.
  • Double-down: Take one card only because this option requires you to match the original bet.
  • Split: You can split any pair, and you can split any double down, even the aces. And you can also spit all hands once you hit in this game.
  • Surrender: Give up half your wager and then fold.


Can I play Super 21 for free?

Yes. You can play this game online for free. All you need is to select the demo version of the game and then start playing for fun or practice without spending your money.

Is there an auto-play option in Super 21?

No. This game doesn’t have an auto-play option, but a player can customize it according to their requirements. For instance, this game allows a player to turn off the sounds or increase the dealer’s voice in the setting options.

Where can I play Super 21 online?

You can play Super 21 at Slots Empire Casino. All you need is to register for a free player’s account to start playing this game for fun or real money.

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