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Online Blackjack

Blackjack is among the most popular table games in the casino market. Today, both land-based blackjack and internet blackjack for money are top games amongst gamblers. The main reason behind the success of blackjack games is their gameplay and higher return to player rates. Blackjack is an easy game to play for both veterans and newbie players since it is easy to learn the gameplay and develop a strategy. 

First, let’s get a recap on the history of blackjack and what historians have on it. When you dig deep into the existing archives, some researchers believe that blackjack is a descendant of Chemin de Fer. Chemin de Fer, an ancient French game which simply refers to a railway or railroad, is seen as an original variant of baccarat game. Later, historians were able to link the French Chemin de Fer game and today’s blackjack game. Other historians went ahead to create a different link on the origin of blackjack. For instance, Miguel de Cervantes, in one of his twelve short stories in the Novelas Ejemplares compilation, narrates the story of skilled grifters who were popular in casinos for cheating.

During the introduction of this game in American casinos, operators saw a golden opportunity for improvements and brought a ten-to-one bonus. This bonus was available for a dealt hand that was made of Ace of Spades and a Spade or Club Blackjack. Although this bonus did not last long in the market, it gave birth to what we call blackjack. In a special case, the casino industry in Nevada was able to retain “21” as the official name for blackjack. Within a short time, blackjack or “21” became a popular table game in New Jersey, Nevada, and other states. Because of its minimal house edge, blackjack was widespread during the twentieth century and even forced the casinos to offer a half-half split between table games and slot machines for real money. Blackjack was the most popular table game among players; hence casino operators were pushed to create more tables than slot machines despite slot machines offering better house edge.

In the 1980s, the popularity of blackjack blew up and started to dominate the global market of casino games. Its success is well documented in Ken Uston’s book, Million Dollar Blackjack, which he wrote during his prime years of fame. Uston was a former vice president of the Pacific Stock Exchange and a Yale and Harvard graduate. His interest in the impact of computers in investment and finance, as well as his million-dollar lifestyle, allowed him to find a passion for table games, more specifically the “Blackjack” game.

The increasing popularity of blackjack came to a stop when Ken Uston died in 1987. Uston’s ideas were unable to hold the players in a video poker game because of the improvements which were implemented in slot games. Other video poker and slot games started to dominate both online and land-based casinos. The blackjack lost its fame and sank back to a normal casino game. This can be linked to the hassle of looking for a favorite casino to play blackjack. Today, the only land-based casinos that offer convenient gameplay for blackjack players are outposts and some Nevada casinos. In Las Vegas, it is very hard to find a place or an operator offering to play blackjack with friendly rules to the players. Gaming providers have taken advantage of this loophole and invested heavily in the real money blackjack app. Besides, they have optimized their software and apps for mobile players through mobile blackjack for real money.

Background of Online Blackjack

The dormant popularity of blackjack came to an end when iGaming became part of the casino world in the last century. Blackjack was among the first table games to adopt the online platform and overturn the brick-and-mortar technology in most regions. The existing land-based halls felt the need to welcome these changes and meet the increasing demand for players’ better gaming experience. In 2006, the online blackjack for real money saw the biggest improvement through the introduction of live dealers. This was a big boost to the blackjack game to rise back to fame. This marked a significant evolutionary step to the real blackjack dealers.

It is useless to count cards in online blackjack since it uses the RNG system. The Random Number Generator is the heartbeat of modern gaming technology and all casino games such as blackjack. Its primary role is to ensure all results are random and no player can predict the outcomes hence ensuring fairness throughout the gameplay. For many years, blackjack has been known as the easiest game to comprise and get outcomes that favor some players. Some techniques, such as card counting, can only be controlled through the RNG system since blackjack results depend on previous results, i.e., a player can analyze the current events to make a better decision on the outcome of future events. To bring fairness to real online blackjack gambling, the RNG adopts mathematical formulas and algorithms to deal with all the cards, even a pair, on the virtual table at random and with no biases towards the player or dealer.

The introduction of live dealers was pushed by players who did not trust the RNG system and demanded a dealer option. The gaming providers knew the only way to close that market gap was through a live dealer. Earlier before the introduction of live dealers at real blackjack tables, casino operators used cameras to stream live games from land-based casino tables. However, this concept had some setbacks since dealers were covering the players from seeing some sections. In other cases, players complained about low video quality or connections being slowed down.

Today, online blackjack for real cash offers the least house edge in comparison with other casino table games. The expected returns might be higher or lower depending on the rules that apply to the specific table. Blackjack offers the best odds in any gambling hall. It is always advisable that you go through the various rule variants before playing blackjack online for money. By playing at the right blackjack table, you can save money and enjoy strategic gameplay. Every new rule in classic blackjack gameplay increases the house edge and nullifies your current strategy.

There are many benefits that you get to enjoy when you play blackjack 21 online real money relative to land-based blackjack games. The main difference between the two platforms is the inclusion of RNG to bring fairness in online blackjack. However, the use of RNG in generating results might be compromised, and players fail to enjoy their gaming rights. The systems can be set in a way that the card deck is reshuffled after each hand; hence a player cannot develop a working strategy.

Another excellent reason to play online blackjack for real money is the promotional and bonus offers that exist. It is nearly impossible to find a land-based casino house that offers reward programs. These player incentives, usually known as VIP bonuses/rewards, might apply only to blackjack games and not to other slot games at the specific casino house. These rewards might vary from one player to another, depending on the number of bets they play or their fund deposits. A welcome bonus is normally set at a flat amount, a fixed percentage of your initial deposits. You can lower the house edge through these incentives. In other cases, the VIP bonuses are only available when you place a specific bet amount. You should go through the incentive programs first before playing blackjack on that site.

Difference Between Live and Online Blackjack

In live blackjack, a player gets to enjoy a replica of a normal blackjack game in a casino. The game operators stream the blackjack game from a genuine brick-and-mortar casino hall or engage dedicated gaming studios. A player can communicate with the dealer, and the results are not automated. On the other case, online blackjack is a single-player game. It runs on computer software, and the results are randomly generated by the RNG system, which is also common in other poker and slot games. In most betting shops, the online blackjack for real money is legit while other operators add modifications to fit their interests. This has been a major drawback to the growth of online blackjack.

Another noticeable difference between live and online blackjack is that the live versions offer you all-angle views of the table and a fair visibility of the dealer’s hands, depending on the position of the cameras. You might hear voices of the dealers or other players, which brings a livelier gaming environment relative to the other version. When you play online blackjack you see chips, buttons, cards, and a smooth green surface that acts as the table.

Strategies for Playing Online Blackjack

When playing roulette, keno, or slot games, you do not need a strategy to win a game. This is not the case with the real money blackjack casino, which needs a strategy to beat the house edge. In other casino games, all players are even despite their experience in gameplay. In blackjack games, the player’s strategy affects the odds of losing or winning a higher bankroll. In cases when the player makes wrong moves, the house edge changes to match other casino games that do not require strategic gameplay.

If you are new to blackjack, you should look for effective guidelines first that will improve your gameplay. A good example is Edward Thorp’s book, Beat the Dealer, which gives the basics of developing a blackjack game strategy. Some players often find charts and tables helpful since they are easy to memorize. By learning and memorizing a basic strategy chart, you can know single moves that will help you win in most scenarios. Before playing blackjack online for real money, you should know when to Stand (S), Hit (H), Split (SP), or Double (D). The game strategy changes from one variant of the blackjack game to another. You should be sure to play the variant of the game in which you know the rules. Enough said and done, here are some helpful strategies when playing blackjack online for real cash.

  • Conservative Blackjack Strategy – This strategy limits you to playing low-stakes over time until you accumulate enough funds to place higher stakes. It is a good start for beginners and those who have had a bad time in online blackjack. To avoid frustrations and losses, you can start your gameplay with a minimum stake amount and try to develop a long-run strategy with time. This gives you enough time to come up with the right strategy to handle your higher stakes in blackjack. Any unpredicted losses are insured by the winnings you accumulate from low-stakes. Going back to the original bet is always a plan B when you lose. This strategy is very helpful to players who have basic skills of playing online blackjack for real money. This strategy can help you control the gameplay and end the game with a winning advantage. Generally, this strategy requires you to make the right moves and increase your stake little by little only when you win.
  • Martingale Blackjack Strategy – This is the opposite of conservative blackjack strategy. It is widely used by players who plan to win huge fortunes and are ready to incur high losses too. It is a common strategy among high-rollers and experienced players. As a beginner, you are advised to avoid this strategy. In this strategy, players double their bets every time they lose and hope to recover their losses when they finally land a win. This strategy is very expensive when you run into a losing streak. To try this strategy, you might need a bankroll that can cover a minimum of 10 consecutive losses and above.
  • 1-3-2-6 Blackjack Strategy – This strategy is not as easy and interesting as the aggressive strategy above. You do not need a big bankroll to put this strategy to work. The numbers in this strategy guide you on how to bet once you win a hand in online blackjack gambling for real money. The end of this strategy comes with a loss, and you wait until you win the next hand and bring back the strategy into play. If you manage to land a streak of four-hand winnings, you will be on a winning side.
  • Card Counting Blackjack Strategy – This is one of the oldest strategies in a blackjack casino for real money. For the digital version, it is only useful when you play a live blackjack since the RNG system reshuffles the cards randomly. This strategy will help you benefit from the current advantage, or it’s the dealer. You can place low or high stakes depending on where the advantage is going.

Where to Play Online Blackjack

Choosing where to play the best online blackjack for money is a tough decision you will face in the casino world. Some aspects can help you choose a perfect online platform to play your preferred type of online blackjack for real money. Some of these factors include:

  • Rules – As noted earlier in this review, the different variants of blackjack you will come across have a different set of rules. To enjoy and benefit from playing a certain variant, you must be familiar with the rules that accompany it. A firm understanding of the respective rules will help you develop a working strategy. It is good to note that the rules of a specific variant might differ from one establishment to another.
  • Number of Decks – The number of decks per game determines your strategy and winning odds. It is crucial to consider this fact when choosing a blackjack 21 online real money site. In most cases, the number might vary between 1 and 2 decks; some cases require either 6 or 8 decks.
  • Side Bets and House Edge – Blackjack is well known for its best house edge since it goes up to 0.5%. As you look for a casino site that offers the least house edge, you can also search for side bets that you can place on these sites. Taking advantage of these two aspects might help you grow your bankroll.

Why Should You Play Blackjack Online Games at Slots Empire Casino

If you are looking for the best website to play blackjack for real money or fun, Slots Empire Casino is worth considering. It has a wide selection of RTG table and slot games under one roof. Slots Empire Casino operates under a Curacao license and is accessible to players from different regions where online gambling is legal. In some states in the US, such as Delaware and Nevada, online gambling is illegal. You can play and enjoy a stable online blackjack game for real money at Slots Empire Casino. As long as you are above the legal gambling age limit, you can enjoy the following benefits when you play online blackjack at Slots Empire Casino.

  • Promotional and Bonus Offers - The reason we play blackjack online games for real money is to increase our bankrolls and make some profits at the end. Slots Empire Casino offers deposit bonuses, match bonuses, cashback, free spins, extra games, and no deposit bonuses. You can use some of these features to stake on blackjack online for real money and convert the bonuses to real money. 
  • Reliable and Friendly Customer Support – From time to time, you might need the help of the customer support team; Slots Empire Casino has a strong team that is ready to help. It offers around the clock support on deposits, payout procedures, promotional and bonus queries, registration, or anything that may affect your gaming experience. You can reach them any time of the day via Live Chat, email, or phone.
  • Demo Version of Online Blackjack - Unlike Brick-and-Mortar casinos, online blackjack offers a free play option, which gives you a chance to interact with the game without using your real bankroll. This option gives you enough time to check out the gameplay and become more familiar with their games. It can be a good way to develop a strategy that you can adopt when you stake real money. Slots Empire Casino offers an “instant-play” game; hence you won’t need to download the game to play it. 
  • Safe and Secure Gaming Environment - Everyone today is very aware of the dangers of cyber-attacks and hacking cases. Slots Empire Casino takes customer privacy very seriously; hence it uses a complex SSL technology to keep player’s data secure. 
  • Reliable Payment Options – Slots Empire offers reliable banking options to ensure effortless payment transactions. The transaction uses complex encryption technology to ensure your banking data is safe and secure. Besides, deposits are seamless and reflect on the account within the shortest time. The minimum deposit that can be made is $10 via Neosurf. Other deposit options include VISA, MasterCard, and Bitcoin, while the payout option can be selected from VISA, MasterCard, Bank Wire, and Bitcoin. Slots Empire Casino offers BTC deposits from $20 to $2,500 and withdrawals from $150 to $2,500. The withdrawal processing time depends on the chosen method and can vary from 1-5 business days.


Is online blackjack gameplay trustworthy?

Online blackjack relies on Random Number Generator to give results that are fair to all the parties. Also, when you play online blackjack with real money at a licensed casino, such as Slots Empire, you enjoy fair play since the software is closely monitored by the gambling regulatory bodies.

Is it possible to win when I play in a real money blackjack app?

Online blackjack offers better chances of winning real money relative to its land-based version since it has a favorable house edge. The online blackjack house edge can go up to 0.50% while it can go up to 2.00% at the land-based one.

Can I try online blackjack gambling for real money or free?

At Slots Empire Casino, you can choose to play online blackjack in the demo mode or for real money. This does not require you to have funds in your account. The gameplay is very smooth and user-friendly.

Can casino operators rig the outcomes of online blackjack?

It is illegal; therefore, all the licensed casino operators cannot make modifications to any game to benefit from it. However, some websites are not legit and can rip your hard-earned money in a matter of seconds. Always ensure you are playing on the right casino site.


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