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Online Craps

Craps is a simple game, which depends on the probability. The outcome of the game relies on dice, and gameplay can be between players or against the casino. In land-based casino halls, players gather around the table to predict the outcome of dice that a shooter rolls. However, it is very hard to find such gatherings since the introduction of online gaming platforms.

According to the findings of Leonard Woolley, who found a dice in the tomb of Mesopotamia, the history of craps dates back to the 24th Century BC. Similar findings were also common in Ancient Egypt. Dice games were popular among Roman soldiers, which served as the main reason behind its spread. Other ancient researchers link modern craps games to an Arabic dice game known as Al Zar. During the Crusades of French knights, a new version of the dice game called “Hazard” emerged and spread throughout England. It was later renamed into Crabbes by the French, who got into action in the 17th century. The game was also introduced to gamblers in the other parts of Europe and North America. Some pioneers of this game in the United States are Bernard de Marigny de Mandeville and John H. Winn. The latter is believed to be the founder of the “Don’t Pass” line bet. Craps was very popular on the streets of New Orleans among ex-convicts and soldiers and was known as Crapaud. This name came from the French name for toad since players would crouch like toads when playing this game.

Monte Carlo and Las Vegas became the first casino hubs to offer Craps as a casino game in their brick-and-mortar halls. Crap tables came into play in the 1950s in the Las Vegas casinos, and traditional craps bets also become part of the game. A few years later, developers introduced a random number generator and basic graphics to online craps. Today, gamblers can play against each other or a bank using a smooth technology that can stream live events from a gaming hub. By optimizing the original online craps game, players can now enjoy a seamless online and mobile craps for real money. You can download real money craps app or play the instant version, which does not require you to do any downloads.

Before playing real money craps, you can try the free online craps option. The demo version of this game offers you an excellent chance to study the game and learn the basic rules before betting your money.

Online Craps Real Money Mode

Real cash craps is one of the most popular games of chance in land-based casinos and online platforms. To win and make a profit in online craps, you need experience and strategy. Some players see it as a complicated game and do not have trust in its fair outcome, as they believe there is a dice control at some casinos, which can be a big obstacle on their way to win big. Internet craps for real money have been going through improvements to achieve fairness in this game. Online craps game uses a random number generator to provide random outcomes that do not give the player an advantage over the house edge and vice versa. Besides, third-party companies and organizations conduct regular audits to assure fairness and security to players.

Online Craps offers the same gameplay and winning combinations that you experience in a land-based casino. The action is a bit faster, and different bet sizes are available. Players can bet against one another or the house. Craps online for real money has two rounds, Point Round and Come out Round. The person throwing the dice, shooter, controls the gameplay and determines who wins or losses. The main goal of players in an online craps game is to bet on the outcomes of the two dices in a single roll or more. The odds depend on the outcomes, with the most frequent number getting lower payouts. A seven has the least odds since it is common and has a 16.66% chance of appearing in the 6 combinations (1/6, 2/5, ¾, 4/3, 5/2, or 6/1). The least appearing combo is 1/1 or a 6/6, which stands at 0.277 probability. There are several bets you can play in online craps for real money.

Difference Between Land-Based and Online Craps

Although the gameplay and rewarding system of land-based and online craps are similar, some aspects bring a noticeable difference. For instance:

  • Gaming Environment – Every player wants to play and enjoy their time in the casino. This might be impossible when it comes to a land-based craps game. In a brick-and-mortar hall, there are noises and distractions from other players, leading to loss of concentration. With online craps for real money, you stand a better chance to fully concentrate and gamble in a conducive environment.
  • Interaction - Real craps in land-based casinos offers better interaction between player and dealer regarding online craps, providing a peaceful gaming environment without physical interaction.
  • Game outcomes – In online craps for real money or fun, the outcome is randomly generated by special computer software to assure the fairness of gameplay. There is no specific mathematical formula to determine the outcomes of online craps. In land-based casinos, the shooter rolls the dice hence there is a lack of randomness in the outcomes. Although some players have shown a lack of trust in online craps because of cyber-attacks and hackers. So now, gambling operators incorporate 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure safe and secure gameplay.
  • Gameplay – Online craps offers similar gameplay as land-based but with additional features to enhance the player experience. Online craps offers a lower coin denomination of up to $0.25 per game. Most land-based casinos have their minimum coin denominations fixed at $1.00 and above. When you play online craps, you enjoy smooth gameplay where you won’t be disturbed by shooters asking for tips.
  • Convenience – Land-based casinos are located in specific cities, while in some countries gambling is completely restricted by the laws. With online casino craps real money, you can access and play this game anywhere in the world where gambling is legal. Players who are not aware of the correct terms when they play craps for real money might find land-based casinos inconvenient.
  • Promotions and bonus offers – One major difference between land-based and online craps games is promotions that come with the online platform. When you play craps online for real money, you stand a better chance to receive cash rewards and free games. This wide range of promotional offers is not available in land-based casinos, but players can still enjoy VIP treatment, member-only rates, and gifts. 

How to Play Craps Game Online at Slots Empire Casino

Slots Empire Casino is among the top RealTime Gaming official casinos in the casino market. It offers a wide range of slot games, video pokers, and table games. Slots Empire Casino operates under the Curaçao gaming license. From players’ reviews, we can say that Slots Empire offers one of the best online craps for real money. You can play online craps for real money or learn new skills in the demo version. You can follow the simple steps below to play online craps for real money at Slots Empire Casino:

  1. Open the website to access the casino homepage.
  2. You will be prompted to sign up and redeem a welcome bonus of 220%. You can simply log in if you already have an account in this casino.
  3. On the Slots Empire Casino website, craps is listed in the Table games category.
  4. Once you enter the game, you can choose to play for real money. You will be able to set the coin denominations according to your bankroll as well as bets. 

Playing real craps online is not different from playing in a traditional casino. You will find the same odds and bets, as you have seen in brick-and-mortar casinos. The easiest bet in an online craps game is the Line bet. If you are a beginner, you can start your practice with line bets and use the other bets later when you master the game. The Pass bet is an easier bet, with which you can win a lot of money. The Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets allow you to bet whether the shooter will win their roll or not and offer a low house edge in a craps table. If the shooter rolls a dice, and 7, which is a point number, appears, the players who made the Pass line bet, win, and those who chose the Don't Pass, lose. When you are sure about the gameplay and you have accumulated a bigger bankroll, you can combine two or more bets and try your luck around the craps table. Other bets include Come and Don’t Come bets, Any Craps, Any Seven bets, Field Bet, Hardways, Horn Bet, Place Bet, and Proposition bets.

Strategies for Playing Online Craps

Like most table games you may find in the casino, to play and win craps online real money, you will need skills and a good strategy not to lose all your money. The very basic strategy is to look for the best online craps for real money in a casino that offers several bonuses. For instance, if you decide to play craps for real money at Slots Empire Casino, you will get a 220% welcome bonus. This casino site offers good bonuses and promotional offers that help you increase your bankroll even before you enter the gaming lobby to play craps online real money. 

The second strategy that will see you make a fortune when you play craps online for money is by making good bets. Any gambler will be very keen to wager money at the casino that offers a lower house edge to have better winning chances. Online craps is one of the games that can offer you good odds and lower house edge in the modern casino world. Pass Line Bets are the most secure bets in online craps for real money for both highrollers and regular players. It is advisable to avoid betting on Big 6 or 8 and Propositions bets since they give the house a bigger advantage than in other bets in real craps gambling online. As much as these two bets are attractive, you should stay clear from them since they reduce your winning rate by increasing the house edge. With these tips, you can play and enjoy online craps for real money at Slots Empire Casino and make a profit at the end.


Is there a popular strategy that you can use when playing craps online for real money?

There is no specific strategy that you can use to beat the house in online craps. Online craps uses a Random Number Generator to generate random outcomes that are fair to the players and the house. However, some tips might come in handy for newbie players in online craps.

Where can I play the best online craps for real money?

Slots Empire Casino is among the top RTG casinos you will find on the internet and offers a welcome bonus and smooth gameplay to online craps players. It operates under the Curaçao Gaming license and is subject to regular audits by third-party bodies to ensure fairness of the gameplay. You can register an account and enjoy these bonus offers.

Are there bets which you should avoid in real craps online?

Gaming experts and online craps veterans warn about Big 6 or 8 bet, Any 7, or other proposition bets.

Is online craps for real money legit?

Online Craps runs on an RNG system, which ensures fairness in gameplay through randomized outcomes. Besides, the system is subject to regular audits by official third-party institutions that protect players from gaming providers' modifications. Always play online craps in a popular and recognized casino like Slots Empire.


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