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Online Roulette

Roulette is a famous casino game around the globe. Regardless of whether you play the RNG version or indulge in a live casino, online casino roulette for real money provides enough chances to be bedazzled.

The game is packed with enjoyment and fun, and plenty of different variants are available to give you the best possible experience. But, if you are now planning to start real roulette gambling, you need to have a good grip on the entire concept of online roulette gambling. 

Most roulette variants available now at online casinos comprise only a few dissimilarities. It is often reflected in the basic rules of the games or table layout. But, as these small differences are often linked to the house edge, you should be properly informed before you start rolling with one.

Here, you will come across all the necessary information regarding real money online roulette, making you efficient enough while playing.

Real Money Roulette vs. Free Roulette

What is the difference between the real money version and the free demo? If you have noticed the words written before the word roulette, you can yourself differentiate them. The real money online roulette differs from the free demo versions because of the context of cash only.

Free demo version roulette is a great tool to expand your knowledge of the game, which may be useful for you in the future while playing the real game version. Besides, you can play for leisure or fun, as there will not be any real money bets involved. If you play the live demo version, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the casino. In addition, you can often get bonuses from the part of the casino, although you do not play for real money. However, since real money is not involved in the game, you will not be able to withdraw even after winning.

On the contrary, the real money version gives you the chance to win cash amounts, which is always the gambler's goal. As real money roulette will always encompass some risks, you can experience the real excitement of gambling in casinos. Besides, this version provides opportunities for utilizing your casino bonuses to the fullest while offering different payment options to withdraw your winnings. 

Popular Online Roulette Variants

When it comes to online casino games, roulette is one name, which has reached the pinnacle of popularity. And this high fame can be attributed to its diversified betting options, uncomplicated rules, and dynamics. And this section is focused on those few real money online roulette games that gamblers play the most.

  • European Roulette

The majority of players love to play European Roulette, and the reason is that the winning chances are bestowed here, as the house advantage is merely 2.7%. The European roulette wheel comprises 37 divisions called pockets, where numbers from 0 to 36 are placed. 0 is colored with green, and numbers 1-36 are in red and black colors, alternatively.

To play roulette online for money, players have to try to predict the numbered pocket in which the ball would settle after the spin. And the only method of playing is placing a bet with that particular number. 

In a European style real money online roulette game, the gaming table is generally placed at the center, having two similar layouts on both sides. Bets in European roulette can be divided into two different categories - inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets often comprise a single number or a group of numbers from the table layout. Besides, you will place wagers on the pocket’s properties with outside bets such as black, red, low (1-18), high (19-36), and odd or even. 

A few additional bets are accommodated by the sequence of numbers of the wheel in online European roulette for real money. These bets cover the entire wheel and are known by announced or call bets. Some of them even comprise up to adjoining 17 numbers. Dealers place the chips on the section of the racetrack, which is chosen by the players.

  • American Roulette

Although online American Roulette for money has the name of the USA, it is equally popular across the entire gambling world. In this roulette format, you will have an additional area to bet on, since along with 0 to 36 numbers, there is another 00 pocket.

The double zero pockets have no contribution to the playing method of American roulette, but it has an impact on the winning odds. To be more precise, this second green pocket puts the game more in the house’s favor, making the house edge reach 5.26%. 

Another point of difference between American and European roulette is the presence of Five-Number bet in the American style. These 5 numbers are 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.

  • French Roulette

If you check the wheel design and rules of online French roulette for real money, you will find them pretty similar. Besides, the betting types are also akin to the European variant. Here as well, you will find a wheel offering a single zero and a total of 36 divisions, and the number sequence is also the same.

However, the difference can be found in the layout of the table. Numbers found on the betting grids are similar, but the outside outcome’s names are written in French. Wagers on colors are usually known as Noire/Rouge. But there are instances where black and red diamonds are used for denoting the placement of the wagering chips. Odd/even, or pair/impair betting boxes have Impair/Pair and Manque/Passe written on it, respectively. And, you will find dozen bet boxes by the name P12, M12, and D12, denoting Premier, Moyenne, and Mrerniere Douzaine.

French roulette includes 2 additional rules called La Partage and En Prison. In La Partage, half of the player’s bet is refunded if the ball lands on the 0 pocket. While in En prison, the player’s bet would be imprisoned at the table to provide another opportunity to win back at least the original even-money stake.

  • Live Dealer Roulette

Unlike online roulette games powered by the RNG system, in live roulette for real money, you will be able to gamble in a real-life casino environment, playing with real dealers. The immersive experience will be an assemblage of cutting-edge technology, real casino sounds, and human touch.

As with any physical casino, you will also get a lot of intriguing roulette options, such as American, European, or French roulette. The only difference is that you can experience a similar land-based casino action and excitement along with an online casino's convenience. 

  • Mobile Roulette

The world has embraced the expansion of technology, so has done online casinos. Besides, for breathing in today’s competitive market, mobile compatibility is immensely vital for them as well. Hence, as a gambler, you can plunge yourself in online roulette games for money, even on the go.

Mobile roulette for real money can often be reached by visiting your mobile browsers' casino of your choice. Besides, many casinos also offer designated real money roulette app for playing.

Types of Stakes

For many people, real money online roulette games are now nowhere limited to just a game, since it has much to offer. For being accessible to every player with different bankrolls, roulette games are available in two different types of stakes - high stakes and low stakes. 

  • High Stakes Roulette

High stakes are entirely dedicated to the high rollers and played with higher value chips.

While playing, one can expediently find high-value chips that worth $50.00, $100.00, and $500.00 or other respective amounts in other currencies. A high-stake roulette game can even offer a winning opportunity of $18000 for a wager of $500. Hence, this stake type only for the players who risk enough to win big.

In the best online roulette casino, at first, a player needs to select their desired chip value. There will be multiple-valued chips visible on your gaming screen. Generally, the maximum range of betting remains within $1000 to $5000. The maximum betting size will be on the betting category you select.

  • Low Stakes Roulette

Low stakes in roulette are designed for the players who gamble to enjoy the game despite having a comparably shorter bankroll. Low stakes roulette offers a low minimum wagering limit, often as low as $0.01 per stake. Consequently, the maximum winning chances also remain quite low.

However, live dealer roulette may not accept you are going that low. Hence, you can play most of your favorite live online casinos for real money, starting from $0.10 per stake.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning Roulette at Slots Empire Casino

Want to be an ace of online roulette gambling for real money? Then, here are the tips you need to consider before hitting the roulette action.

  • Understand your Odds

Putting all your chips in a particular number and winning needs a world full of luck. But, if you place your chips in multiple numbers of the board, winning chances will be more for you. Hence, do not try to go for large payouts, but play the game more strategically.

  • Believe only in Legitimacy

Your chances of losing a lot will be higher if you choose to play with any random online casino without checking their legitimate grounds. Before playing, ensure that an authorized iGaming entity regulates the platform. Else, your chances of winning online roulette games for money may be in vain. 

  • Know the Variants

Knowledge is the key to success, and knowledge is also a key to making a conquering strategy. You can minimize your losses and maximize your winnings by learning how much to bet, how to bet, and where to bet. Be informed about all the variants available online. There’s much to explore. Slots Empire offers three roulette options - American, French, or European variations, so choose the one that suits best for you.

  • Avoid Unaffordable Wagers

Bankroll management will always be an important part if you are playing roulette games for real money. Excessive wagering and not being restricted to a specific bankroll is the fastest way of leaving your winning chances at the table. 

  • Track Previous Outcomes

Checking the outcomes of previous sessions or rounds is always a witty idea when you are playing online roulette for real cash. It helps in making predictions for the next wagering rounds. As an example, on occasion, when a 10 red figure’s series will be spun, a player can wage on red pockets. 

  • Check the Rules

Having prior knowledge of the table you are going to play in is a great thing. Hence, choose the game variant wisely. And, always try to select the table that offers a lower house edge. 

  • Start with a Free Table

It would help if you had enough practice to be perfect. Hence, start your real money game after playing at a free table. That is the sole method of acquiring enough confidence in you.

  • Keep a Copy in Pocket

Last but never the least, if you are having a problem with remembering all these tips at once, you can have a printed copy of these tips at the time of playing. Thus, you check it whenever you need, and apply if you require it.

The Best Time-Tested Roulette Betting System

  • The Martingale

You may be unfamiliar with the name of this betting method, but Slots Empire Casino can assure you, playing roulette online for money and winning have lots of connection with it. The Martingale method is often considered as a method of doubling your betting amount after a loss. In this process, if you lose the first round, assume 5 units you need to bet for 10 units. If you win, you can cover up the prior 5-unit loss, and at the same time, be 5 units ahead.

You can start playing with even money bet, such as even/odd or black/white. We recommend you to make smaller bets initially. Continue betting with the same amount as long as you are winning.

But, when you lose a stake, double up your betting amount immediately to cover your previous loss and gain additional profits. It is never a quick winning strategy, but nice returns are possible if you have the will to stick with it long enough. 

  • James Bond Roulette Strategy

You are now thinking about the movie scene, where 007 is betting in a casino full of confidence and soft skills, right? Same here, with this betting technique, you can also bring the charisma of James Bond to your roulette table.

Here, you can start with a $200 stake, and divide the amount into three different bets. You can choose high numbers or numbers 19 to 26 for placing $140. Place $50 on the six lines 13 to 18, and for 0, dedicate $10. However, the wagering amount is changeable based on your bankroll. You can play roulette for real cash at Slots Empire Casino and apply this strategy, as it is designed to cover more numbers on the board, hence, increasing the winning chances.

If you lose the bet after the number 1 to 12 is spun, adhere to the Martingale strategy and continue betting. You should continuously double your wagering amount until you receive a win and take back all your previous losses. This gaming strategy is only recommended when you have a large bankroll and willing to take greater risks with it.

  • Paroli

This roulette strategy is opposite to the Martingale. Here, you will double up your stake after a winning round, and continue the process until three winning bets in a row or a loss happen.

The concept is to get some money from three consecutive bets and go back to the original betting amount to protect your money. Paroli is a softer strategy. Doubling your money after a win provides enhanced bankroll control while giving chances to win some extra amounts. Another intriguing fact: this betting method is ideal for tables that contain lower betting limits, as there is no need to bet on the mammoth sum to cover previous losses.

  • D’Alembert

This method is designed by a French mathematician, Jean Baptiste le Rond D’Alembert. This is a gambling strategy that encompasses lower risks. However, intense patience is required for applying this strategy effectively, as with each bet, incremental change to the stake is necessary. And, it should be regardless of wins and losses.

For applying D’Alembert strategy while playing roulette online for money, you can start with bets like $1. Playing smaller bets are always wise since with this strategy, your profit margin will be small with large bets.

Place any outside bet like red or black, odd or even, or high or low. If you lose, you need to increase your wager by $1. Alternatively, decrease your bet by $1, if you win. It is quite simple to play, but can often be frustrating, as you have to change your wagering amount after every gaming round. But, it would help if you remembered the only key here is patience. 

Besides, the strategy is not targeted towards high rollers, who expect to see big profits after every win.

Why Should You Choose Slots Empire Casino Website for Playing?

Do you want to play online roulette with real money, and still looking for a perfect platform for real action? Look no further, you should consider a few underlying factors that make Slots Empire the best casino in the gambling niche. 

  • Mobile Compatibility

Because of the advancement of technology, most online gamblers choose the Slots Empire website, which provides them the flexibility of playing games through both mobile phones and PCs. The casino also has a downloadable client for PC if you prefer playing on the wide screen from the comfort of your home.

  • Legitimacy

Legitimacy is another important aspect you need to address before you decide to be a part of any roulette casino for real money. Slots Empire casino provides all the necessary licenses and certificates to prove its reliability and the fair gameplay. It has a license issued by Curaçao Gambling Authority and is powered by RTG, one of the most trustworthy and secure gambling software providers. Never trust in a casino that is unable to showcase any proof of their authenticity.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

There is no gambler who doesn't love to get frequent bonuses from their casino. Slots Empire knows well that bonuses are the elements, boost your gameplay, and navigate you towards more lucrative wins. Hence, if you choose this casino to play roulette for real cash, it will provide enough bonuses and promotional offers for you, namely, monthly offers, 24/7 offers, and a huge 220% welcome bonus.

  • Available Roulette Variants

As you are there for playing roulette, the availability of your desired roulette versions is always important. Slots Empire offers French, American, and European roulette versions, and you should always be focused on the versions you know the best. 

  • Payment Methods

At the time of depositing money for playing or cashing out your winnings, the two things you will require are security and rapidity. Besides, the presence of your desired payment methods is also mandatory. Slots Empire features such payment methods like BTC, Visa, MasterCard, and Neosurf, which are considered fast and safe gambling industry methods. The deposit amount ranges between $10 and $2500, depending on the chosen method, while the withdrawal transaction starts at $150 and reaches up to $2500.

  • Customer Support

Efficient customer support from any good online casino is always expected. Slots Empire offers multiple options like email, live chat, and phone calls for contacting their support team. Besides, the time frame of their presence is another factor to verify. The team of professionals at Slots Empire answers immediately and is available round-the-clock.


Can I play l roulette from mobile phones?

Yes, you can play roulette tables from your mobiles as well.

Are there any roulette games in 3D?

Many 3D version roulette games are available now at your disposal.

Are RNG-powered roulette games reliable?

The RNG system's main task is to produce random numbers for making the outcomes fair every time.

Can I play the demo version for free?

Yes, for playing the demo games, you don’t need to wager real money.

Summing Up

As we have now arrived at the end of this article, we think you have received all the necessary information you required for playing. So, to make things more coherent, you can go through the segments once more and start playing at Slots Empire Casino while being braced up by all this information.


Come on, turn the phone and let the conquest begin!