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Blackjack by RealTime Gaming is among the fastest games that a gambler can play online. This developer takes online gaming seriously, just like its motto says. If looking for games you can play for fun or to earn real money, consider blackjack from this gaming software developer.

Any gambler will agree that blackjack is a popular land-based and online casino card game. For decades, this game has remained the mainstay in most gambling cities and websites. Perhaps, that’s because of the luck that comes with the blackjack game. If you play this game correctly, you can make consistent profits. That’s why some people make their living from betting and playing blackjack.

Realtime Gaming has developed both downloadable and instant play versions of blackjack. The difference between these versions is negligible. However, you can come across a blackjack review claiming that the downloadable version has better sound effects and graphics. But, you might not notice any difference if you are not keen to analyze both versions of the game.

Rules - How to Play Blackjack

Whether you play the RTG blackjack online for real money or fun, aim to get a “21”. If not, try to squeak out your win by beating the total of the dealer. A fun player dabbles into a strategy and can occasionally try out a double or a split. In most cases, a fun player can stick to a dealer’s code. That is, stand on 17 or hit on 16. Ideally, fun players want to enjoy playing blackjack online, not to earn money.

However, some players want more than beating the dealer or getting a blackjack. These want to win big with the dealt cards. Thus, they focus on exploiting their potential optimally. Such players can split any opportunity, double whenever they feel lucky, or do both when cards favor them. Such players stand a chance to win big or lose a significant amount of their money. Nevertheless, every blackjack player must follow the basic rules of the game.

These are as follows:

  • Play on four 52-card decks and reshuffle after every hand.
  • A player can double on any two cards dealt first apart from when playing the European blackjack.
  • A player can surrender and receive 50% of their wager back. This option is available with the first two cards only.
  • A player can double after splitting.
  • A player can’t re-split the cards.
  • A player is allowed one additional card only on every Ace if they split an Aces pair.

A player can place an insurance bet if the showing or up card for the dealer is an Ace. An insurance bet refers to the side bet that the card value or the dealer is ten, and the down card gives them a blackjack. The dealer asks all players to place insurance bets before the first gamer plays.

Card Values/Scoring

The value of blackjack cards from two to ten is the pope value. All face cards, that is, Jack, King, and Queen, are worth 10. In this game, Aces are worth 11 or 1. The hand’s value is the total amount of the cards’ value. This game has a hard hand and a soft hand.

A soft hand comprises an Ace as an 11. That means a player can have a Six, for instance, and an Ace to make a total of soft 17. And participants can’t bust this hand by drawing an extra card. If a player draws a ten, they count the Ace as 1, not 11. That hand will still have a 17. But, this will now be considered a hard 17. That’s because the Ace is counted as 1, and an extra draw can lead to a bust.

Odds & Payouts

Perhaps, you want to know more about odds and payouts before playing a blackjack game by RTG. Well, most blackjack variants from this provider come with strict restrictions that regulate how players wager before cashing out their winnings. Most blackjack variants pay at 3:1, but a player can win more if they beat the dealer after doubling or splitting.

All RTG blackjack variants allow the player to adjust the setting for the bet amount. A gamer can set a bet ranging from $1 to $250.

Blackjack Strategy and House Edge - Learn How to Win

RTG blackjack comes with a low house edge that enables smart players to find a way of getting an edge over online casinos. For instance, if you register at a casino with a matching bonus of 200% up to $2000, you can deposit $1000 to get $3000 in your account. If you have to wager 45 times the deposit amount plus the bonus to cash out, you need to place a bet of $135,000 before withdrawing your money.

When playing blackjack at Slots Empire Casino, the best strategy is to set a budget. So, once this game loads on your screen, check your bankroll first. After that, set limits for the amount to bet during the gaming session. That way, you can avoid losing a lot of money in a single bet. Also, set your win goals and stop-loss limits to improve your winning chance and minimize losses. And always stick to your plan when playing this game online, whether you win or lose.


Where can I play RTG blackjack?

You can play RTG blackjack at an online casino that features games by RealTime Gaming. And Slots Empire Casino is among the best places to play this game online.

Can I play RTG blackjack on mobile?

Yes. RTG blackjack is a mobile-friendly game. That means you can play it on the go using your mobile device.

Can I play blackjack for free?

Yes. You can play the demo version of this game without spending your money. Sign up at Slots Empire Casino and then select the demo game to play for fun or practice to sharpen your gaming skills.

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